So how does it work?  Well, there are three ways to be part of it!

Firstly, you can row and donate metres to us. If you have access to an indoor rower, at the gym, health club, school, or anywhere else, then sit down, row some metres and send them to us! Just upload a selfie of you next to the rowing display with the hashtag #teamtabby and we can add them to the totaliser. What’s more, you can be part of our big thank you photo collage! You can send your pic to us via Facebook, Instagram, or by Email. If you don’t want your picture to be shared then please just let us know.

Secondly, come and support us on the big row day – it’s the 21st March at Bradford Grammar School – we’ll have 10 indoor rowers (or ergs) and lots of support if you want to be there.

Thirdly, if all this rowing is bringing you out in a sweat, we would really appreciate your support with a donation. Just click on the donate button at the top and help us to help others.

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